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you overwhelm my senses

stop me from thinking so hard

nothing like it, is there?
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Lovesickness portrayal.
Read this description before you post.

This community is about lovesickness.

Many people have love, but not enough want to hear it. You may have love that you want to give, but no one wants it. You may suffer unrequited or lost love or frustrated love. You can let it out here.

Everyone's love is unique. Express your lovesickness. Describe what it does to you. You may write fantasies, you may write your feelings, you may write about your memories, you may write about what you want from love.

Any sexual orientation is warmly welcomed. This is not a community for advice in relationships, so please don't ask for it and don't give it. This is a place to pour your heart out. Do not ask for comments or criticism to improve your entry. Comments should be emotional reactions or thoughts.

Standard rules apply: long entries in lj-cuts, and no disruptive posting. Keep all poetry over eight lines in an lj-cut. Do not advertise any communities. Absolutely no flaming, trolling, criticism or anything blatantly disruptive or offensive will be tolerated. For a major offense which is obviously malicious, there will be no warnings.

This is not a negative place, so don't talk about how much you hate someone.

Explicit content should be kept to a strict minimum. No unnecessary language. No graphic depictions of sex. PG-13 material.

kova(Christopher) runs this community

you're the best that I wish I had
there was always a place in her heart for me to sleep in.
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