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you overwhelm my senses

stop me from thinking so hard

4/13/08 07:49 pm - kova

woke up did things and the details don't matter
because it's you I thought your wedding was worth attending
reassembling your heart I drop the pieces and they shatter
I must have been sick at home when they handed out happy endings

4/1/08 11:45 pm - kova

forget who we want to end up as for a second and hold me tight

3/28/08 05:21 pm - kova

there was always a place in her heart for me to sleep.

3/23/08 10:19 pm - kova

I'm still sleeping alone and I wish you were breathing here with me. I want to be with you right now. I'll sleep alone tonight then I'll wake up alone. I need to feel your warmth again. I want you to be here with me. I really wish you were with me now. I need you and I know I need you to keep me alive.

There's no exaggeration here.

I need professional help.

3/9/08 05:51 pm - withoutaname2be - Can I be?

 This is the Lovesick Community. I don't think I can actually be lovesick if I've never experienced actual love before, can I?

2/26/08 02:54 pm - kova

love is a weapon of mass destruction

2/24/08 10:34 pm - kova

still fallingCollapse )

2/24/08 04:45 pm - kova

a long time ago, I almost fell off the edge, and you caught my hand.
that was a long time ago.
i know you want to let go, but i can’t pull myself up.
don’t let go. don’t let go.
unless you can tell me, will the drop kill me?

2/22/08 10:38 am - kova


love. i really wish there were something like it.

2/18/08 08:48 pm - kova

life is not nice, life is unfair, life is full of pain and abuse
but when you're in love in a small room
nothing else is out there
love makes everything look beautiful, even if it isn't
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