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hello everyone.

gosh, am i ever lovesick.
perfectttt word for it. i never even realized it. sounds kind of like a medical condition. i wonder if my doctor can diagnose me and send me off with some wonderful pill to forget all of this.

i never dreamed i would fall in love with someone like him. he's the opposite of what i usually find "attractive." but boy oh boy did i fall hard.

the first time we met was ... amazing, to say the least. we met casually through a friend, got together again that night... and were utterly inseparable. love at first sight, it's the closest i've ever been to it.

buttt.. i moved away to be with family, as they were going through tough times and needed my support.

what's the saying... time apart makes the heart grow fonder? i believe time apart is making my heart go insane. my heart is cracking a little more just composing this...
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