ajnc88 (ajnc88) wrote in lovesick_comm,

This Woman

This woman, her love is sand in my eyes,
When I close my eyes she is the only one I can see in my mind.
Funny how her sand does not leave a burning sensation,
In fact when she’s gone I feel a sense of isolation.
When will be the next time I will get to see her beautiful face,
Her body so tight it’s like she wrapped with a shoelace.
Lil mama know she got it n I’m glad she sharing,
Take a real man to hold her down, someone who know how to be caring.
Don’t even look when the fat ass girls walk by,
Tired of chasing the hoes, plus my girl fly.
She’s fly, flya den me, flya den you,
In my mind she is why the sky is blue.
Still M.O.B., never gonna lose sight of the green,
But my girl aint a bitch that’s why I treat her like a queen.
Spoil her like she my only child,
Niggas think they getting my dyme, yea these niggas are wild.
She on her grown woman now no more time for the games,
That’s why I came to her rescue to get her away from the lames.
This woman, it was well worth the wait, so glad that she finally mine,
Bout to go get her some new J’s right now so she can keep running thru my mind
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